Whereoil 4 – making searching and connecting data simpler and more powerful

KADME is pleased to announce the release of Whereoil 4. New functionality in Whereoil 4 makes searching and connecting data simpler and more powerful than ever before. 

“Whereoil release 4 is focused on the large volume of unstructured data, the files and documents distributed around the various file systems.  Allowing the user to geographically search, find and collect project data and unstructured documents in one place has not been possible before”, says Kjell Arne Bjerkhaug, managing director KADME, “This ability will bring huge value to the E&P teams’ business decisions.”

To check logs and better understand their limitations Whereoil 4 introduces a new Log View and log QC flags. The Log View uses standard displays templates to view the log curves and the QC flags to better understand the limitations of the data, assess its quality and identify places where there may be data issues.

Whereoil is much more than a powerful search engine: it also offers effective solutions for fast and efficient data loading and effective storage. It is a flexible solution that works at the scale you need: whether that is a local installation for a single business-unit or a global solution delivering data integration across every office in a multinational corporation.

To learn more about Whereoil 4 click here