Cegal to offer Supergrid as part of the GeoCloud solution

Companies are constantly looking for new exploration opportunities and doing regional studies to make decisions for where to invest. The precision in these decisions will never get better than the quality of the data available to do the screening. With Supergrid provided by KADME and its partners, companies can access public data that has been compiled, unified and quality assured to screen their exploration targets and prepare for licensing round applications.

Supergrid includes velocity models, core sample analysis and special geological/seismic studies to support exploration teams. The high value of the end product is guaranteed by extensive 2D/3D seismic data merges and well data setting for the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and North Sea known to be the main exploration areas on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)

The solution provides complete sets of logs and check shots, the latter enabling the user to match well data and seismic data for improved accuracy and value. All data are up to date and will be updated on an annual basis going forward.

Cegal is a marketing partner for Supergrid, offered as a part of the GeoCloud solution and accessed through our Cloud Portal. Cegal customers can benefit from public data that has been subject to rigorous quality control by industry experts.

“The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is encouraging the players to prove more resources on the NCS, and to do it fast.* Providing Supergrid on the Cegal platforms will give the players a valuable tool to improve decision making by seamless access to regional datasets for the NCS”, Svein Torgersen, CEO in Cegal explains.

“Our ambitions with Supergrid are to give the exploration community in Norway access to the most comprehensive and up to date dataset possible for their quest for new prospect and by publishing the Supergrid on Cegal’s GeoCloud, the clients can review the data in a most qualified manner in a user-friendly environment.” Kjell Arne Bjerkhaug, MD in Kadme.

The technical details of Supergrid are to be found on www.kadme.com/supergrid


Meet us at the NCS Exploration 2019 conference at Scandic Fornebu in Oslo May 21-22, where the Supergrid partners will present the Supergrid dataset at our booth.