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KADME offers two distinct types of data integration solutions: the first provides data access and a corporate data repository for commercial enterprises and the second provides a long-term solution for national data repositories.

The Corporate Repository solution is designed for data operations in a dynamic, fast-moving business environment. It provides a powerful method for storing, retrieving, reviewing and updating structured and unstructured data of any type and volume.

The National Repository solution was built to meet the requirements of national oil and gas regulators. It provides appropriate, effective data management that handles entitlement and security between operators, partners and governmental agencies.


Corporate data repository solution

All companies want to make better and more-timely decisions. Whereoil provides a productive enterprise data access platform that enables exploration and production professionals to search and compile data easily from across the domains and operating locations within their organization. This single global resource for corporate data helps discipline experts to extract maximum value, reach the right conclusion quickly and make the best possible decisions.

Given the vast scope and diversity of information, it is almost impossible to create a data management solution based on a strictly structured data model. No matter how broad or deep the model, there will always be data that falls outside the defined structure. A further complication is the significant amount of information stored in proprietary application projects.

Whereoil solves these challenge through different models each representing their respective data sources. This enables users to conduct extensive searches of all the available data across the corporation and over multiple continents, countries and locations. The Whereoil corporate data repository creates a solution built around best practices and that conforms to your corporate validation methods, naming standards, rules and security.


National Data Repository

National data repository solution

Governments seeking to attract investment to their nation’s oil and gas industry must provide a transparent information and data management environment. Such environments should showcase and conserve current data assets, and manage additional assets as exploration, development and production activities progress.

The structure and functionality of the national data repository solutions KADME develops are driven by distinct national interests and policies. The fundamental requirement is an effective data management tool that offers security and enables cooperation between operators, partners and governmental agencies while conforming to national regulations and requirements.

Whereoil’s flexible core makes the platform ideal for national data repository initiatives. Its core functionality is built around the management of security and data entitlement. Whereoil’s extensive loading, tracking and validation functionality support embedded rules that adhere to defined regulations. Our toolbox of service modules includes modules for trading, data ordering, and analyzing license ownership and can integrate with various third party repositories.

See how KADME implemented Whereoil in the Diskos (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) environment. 


All Norwegian operators use Whereoil as the single point of access to search, access and connect to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s national data repository solution, DISKOS.



Showcase: Whereoil – Automatic retrieval and synchronization

In Norway, the national data repository, Diskos, regularly receives new data from member organizations. All entitled parties (for example, operating partners) have access to view and download this new data. The new Whereoil Automatic Downloader module was created to ensure automatic retrieval and synchronization and to make sure that the new data is available for loading into the entitled party’s data store.

This module supports different filters that enable companies to control which data is downloaded, the area of interest (shape file), the well type (for example, exploration) and the different types of data (for example, vertical seismic profiles and core photos). The module notifies a defined list of recipients to inform them when new data is available.

This automatic workflow saves time for data managers by removing the need for them to monitor public release dates, check for entitled data and request and load the data.

The Whereoil Automatic Downloader is a quick and efficient tool that minimizes loading time to help ensure that new well information is quickly available to end users.

Showcase: Whereoil API - Exploring data history

The Whereoil application program interface (API) has been used to create the License Analyzer. The application extracts and combines public data to show which operating companies and partners have been awarded which licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The License Analyzer application enables you to explore license blocks over time and see how the license operator or partner history has evolved.

This sequence of pictures shows the License Analyzer and the evolution of license blocks around the Loppa height in the Barents Sea from 1980 to today (left to right).

Go to License analyzer to see how the API has been used. You can explore a company's licenses, locations, and history on Norwegian Continental Shelf.


Showcase: ScoutWeb – Enabling an operator’s scouts to keep track of current drilling operations

The ScoutWeb portal provides a platform for company scouts to register and follow the current status of wellbores and to keep up to date with announcements and documents that are registered directly in the system by the portal’s administrator, Norsk olje og gass.

This portal provides a tailored front page showing the most recent updates and, with a single click, an intuitive map interface featuring at-a-glance information. Maps and reports covering predefined areas or with custom coverage can be downloaded directly from the front page as PDF files. A shape file of all the wellbores in the system is also available.

ScoutWeb provides tools for rapid registration and status updating for new wellbores, including up-to-date drilling information. Users can easily find additional information using Whereoil’s powerful search functionality.

The system provides a valuable overview for identifying trade opportunities and helps operators to understand the levels of activity in different licensing areas.


The ScoutWeb portal enables operators working on the Norwegian Continental Shelf to share information about ongoing operations and potential data trade opportunities.


Consulting Services

Consulting services – Building your solution

Every company has a unique data environment, so building the best solution and one that runs seamlessly with your IT setup will require some fine-tuning. Whereoil is an extremely flexible solution with modules that can be modified to fit your environment and maximize the value of your data.

KADME has worked with numerous companies around the world over the past 15 years. Our highly skilled consultants have planned, designed and implemented many client-specific information management solutions. Our knowledgeable services team can draw on expertise and experience from corporate, national and enterprise information management setups.

Our experts will help you identify which Whereoil setup and architecture are the best fit for your data goals and business strategies.

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